Evolution of Shared Services

University Business Operations is reevaluating the implementation of shared services in response to evolving needs on campus in this resource-constrained environment. Find out more in a memo from Vice Chancellor Charles Leffler. Read more »

We're Transforming the Way We Do Business at NC State.

NC State can’t afford to conduct business as usual anymore.

The university continues to face organizational and budget pressures that threaten our mission of scholarship, research and outreach. If this trend continues, the faculty risks spending more time conducting administrative and business activities with less support. Clearly, we need to be smarter, more efficient and more effective in delivering the highest quality service at the lowest possible cost.

That’s why University Business Operations is leading a campus-wide effort to streamline and improve the way we do business. We’re consolidating units and creating a number of Business Operations Centers that will reduce paperwork and eliminate bottlenecks for the people who rely on our services, from managers meeting budget priorities to faculty working on research grants to staff members recording time sheets.

We’re also providing new resources, new training and new opportunities for our employees, the experts across campus who serve these clients every day.

As we move forward we will keep the campus community engaged through project implementation teams and other formal opportunities, and we will work closely with colleges and divisions on their transitions into working with the centers.

But we can’t make these improvements without your help. So please invest the time to learn about the plans, ideas and goals that are driving our efforts to transform business services. Then find out how you can get involved.